Project Planner

Location Maidstone
Discipline: Construction, Civil Engineering
Salary: £45000-65000
Contact name: Luke Norton

Contact email:
Job ref: 473278
Published: 7 months ago
Startdate: ASAP
As a Project Planner you will play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and success across a diverse portfolio of projects in the realms of Construction, Utilities, and Infrastructure. You will collaborate with both clients and contractors, contributing to the realization of cutting-edge projects that shape our communities.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Craft meticulously detailed programs for tenders and ongoing projects, spanning pre-construction through to completion.
  • Exercise vigilant oversight, maintaining precise project trackers to swiftly identify and address deviations.
  • Collaborate closely with project teams to ensure projects are executed punctually and with optimal resource allocation.
  • Develop comprehensive resource allocation strategies, meticulously considering inputs from stakeholders and team members.
  • Swiftly adapt project plans in response to evolving work scopes, consistently delivering well-structured impact assessments.
  • Construct Extension of Time claims alongside comprehensive narratives to bolster program validity.
  • Facilitate seamless communication of critical project data and insights to project teams.
  • Regularly generate and present insightful internal and external project reports/dashboards for management assessment.
  • Employ actual data to update project schedules, effectively forecasting project trajectories in collaboration with the project team.
  • Fulfill reasonable requests from management while upholding our core company values.
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • Hold a pertinent degree qualification in engineering/construction or an equivalent field.
  • Possess practical operational experience (e.g., site engineer/agent) along with a proven track record in project planning.
Essential and Desirable Skills:
  • Showcase impeccable written and verbal communication capabilities, proficient in crafting reports and delivering compelling presentations.
  • Demonstrate a solid grasp of engineering principles that underpin successful project planning.
  • Excel in time management and strategic planning, ensuring projects adhere to timelines.
  • Exhibit exceptional IT proficiency and a comprehensive understanding of planning software.
  • Leverage robust problem-solving skills to address challenges proactively.
  • Exhibit adeptness in budgetary and financial management, contributing to project success.
About the Company:
Today, our affiliated client stand as a distinguished, fully integrated infrastructure provider, offering expertise to some of the most significant construction projects across the UK and Europe.
What began as a modest family enterprise has evolved into a multi-market powerhouse, spanning residential, commercial, public, technology, infrastructure, and data center domains. Their comprehensive service range includes civil engineering, utilities, and construction.
Having garnered a reputation for excellence, consistently delivering top-tier projects. A global reach is coupled with a steadfast commitment to collaborating with local suppliers.