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About Ross

​As the Training Manager at E3 Recruitment and HSQ Recruitment, Ross plays a critical role in fostering professional growth and development within the company. He possesses extensive experience in designing, launching, and overseeing learning and development programs that help drive success for both individual employees and the organisation as a whole.

With a focus on providing cutting-edge training, Ross is always on the lookout for new and innovative approaches to enhance the skills and expertise of the recruitment consultants within E3R. For instance, he recently rolled out the REC awarding organisation to the consultant team, conducting informative sessions that cover the key concepts and practices needed to excel on the final exam.

Ross is deeply committed to ensuring that HSQ remains compliant with industry regulations and best practices. He has been instrumental in introducing new programs, such as GDPR, LinkedIn Talent Insights, Recruitment Law, and AWR, which help to safeguard the company and its employees against potential legal and ethical violations.

Ross is a dedicated and experienced professional who is passionate about helping the recruitment consultants at HSQ reach their full potential. Whether it’s through delivering comprehensive training programs, or by ensuring that everyone in the company is following industry standards and regulations, Ross is committed to making HSQ the best it can be.