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About Rosie

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice at HSQ, Rosie is an invaluable asset who brings an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Having successfully earned a distinction in a level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship, she possesses a rock-solid understanding of the multifaceted components that contribute to efficient marketing practices. Rosie's proficiency extends to diverse areas such as coding, analytics, and the execution of successful marketing campaigns.

In her capacity as an Apprentice, Rosie plays a pivotal role in providing crucial support to both clients and candidates, leveraging her extensive marketing acumen to drive tangible benefits for the business. Furthermore, she is currently actively pursuing a level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to continuously expand her understanding of the dynamic marketing landscape. Rosie's relentless pursuit of knowledge in this field allows her to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring she can consistently deliver exceptional results.

In addition to her role at HSQ, Rosie has also assumed the responsibility of serving as an apprentice ambassador for multiple organizations. She consistently lends her unique insights into the world of apprenticeships and actively promotes the manifold advantages they offer. Rosie's contributions as an ambassador are particularly evident during the numerous events and initiatives attended and exhibited by HSQ, where she passionately shares her personal experiences and sheds light on the invaluable benefits that apprenticeships bring.