SSE and University of Warwick partner on sustainable heat project

Posted on 11 April 2024

SSE Energy Solutions and the University of Warwick are partnering to explore the feasibility of providing sustainable, low-carbon heat using shallow geothermal ground sources.

The initiative revolves around tapping into the Earth's renewable thermal energy, extracted from depths of up to 350 meters, presenting a sustainable alternative to conventional heating methods. By tapping into this green energy source, the University of Warwick aims to advance its 2030 net zero objective by diminishing its reliance on natural gas for heating purposes.

Collaborating closely with the university, the company is conducting a comprehensive study to identify the most optimal low-carbon solution, considering technology selection and implementing a phased, modular approach. Through diligent project management, the company envisions that the outcomes achieved could serve as a blueprint for other campuses across the UK. Moreover, if successful, this endeavour has the potential to catalyse the decarbonisation efforts within the higher education sector, offering more cost-effective pathways towards sustainability.

The success of this endeavour could significantly advance the university's goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2030, notably by decreasing dependence on natural gas for heating purposes.

Parvez Islam, Director of Environmental Sustainability and Infrastructure at the University of Warwick, expressed, "Our institution is committed to a comprehensive ten-year plan encompassing new constructions, renovations, and infrastructure enhancements. Our vision includes integrating these state-of-the-art facilities into an innovative energy framework, powered by sustainable, low-carbon heat."

He further elaborated, "The University's 'Way to Sustainable' strategy outlines five key objectives, including achieving net zero Scope 1+2 emissions by 2030, net zero Scope 3 emissions by 2030, fostering biodiversity net gain, integrating sustainability into the curriculum, and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals through research."

The partnership between SSE Energy Solutions and the University of Warwick marks a pivotal moment in the collective journey towards a more sustainable world. By exploring the possibilities of utilising geothermal energy for heating, we are not only striving to meet ambitious emissions reduction targets but also demonstrating our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. As we continue to collaborate and innovate, we are poised to make a tangible impact on reducing our carbon footprint and building a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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