UK Rail Operators Celebrate more Women Working in Rail

Posted on 06 March 2024

The railway operator, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) has experienced a significant surge, with a 50% increase in female participants joining its apprenticeship programs. Women now constitute roughly one-third of new apprentices.

As part of Go-Ahead and Keolis' Govia consortium, GTR disclosed that out of 176 new recruits in 2023, 60 were women. This trend builds upon the positive momentum observed in 2022, where the company witnessed the highest influx of female applicants for train driver positions in half a decade.

Reflecting on her experience, Wioletta Kuszyk, a GTR apprentice, shared, "Transitioning from a chef to a train driver in the aftermath of Covid-19 was a significant decision for me. The GTR apprenticeship provided me with invaluable guidance and skills during the early stages of my new career, offering a comprehensive view of both short and long-term prospects."

GTR's recognition of the rise in female apprenticeships, highlighted ahead of the UK's National Apprenticeship Week, underscores its ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and enhancing opportunities for women within the traditionally male-dominated railway sector.

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