Plans in for £50m space and tech centre

Posted on 08 February 2024

Northumbria University submits plans to build the £50m North East Space Skills and Technology Centre (NESST) in Newcastle.

Proposals have been created for the construction of a 5 to 7 storey building, including the partial re-use of the Wynne Jones Building in Ellison Place to create a new facility.

With a significant investment of £50 million, the construction of NESST will require a skilled workforce across multiple disciplines. Apprenticeships will offer individuals the chance to learn practical skills on the job while contributing to the development of a landmark facility.

Local construction companies involved in the project, along with their subcontractors, can play a crucial role in providing apprenticeship opportunities. By engaging apprentices in the construction process, these companies not only fulfill their social responsibility but also invest in the future talent pool of the construction industry.

NESST, which will be delivered in partnership with the UK Space Agency and Lockheed Martin, will be designed by Ryder Architecture. The building will contain spaces for Northumbria University and its commercial partner Lockheed Martin, including satellite manufacturing and testing facilities.

The building will have Harvard-style lecture theatres, a mission control centre and electrical and laser communications laboratories.
Director at planning consultant DPP, Helen Marks, commented; "We have really enjoyed working with the University and Ryder Architecture to prepare the planning application submission for this exciting project for the city of Newcastle.

“The proposals have also benefitted from collaborative working with representatives from the City Council at the pre-application stage which has greatly facilitated the process to date”

Overall, the construction of NESST presents a promising avenue for apprenticeships in the construction sector, offering valuable hands-on experience and training opportunities for individuals looking to pursue careers in the building trades.

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