Transpennine Route Upgrade set to commence revamp of Huddersfield Station

Posted on 18 December 2023

At the end of November, Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU)started major upgrades at Huddersfield station, aiming to bring passengers one step closer to a sleek, modern and more accessible station.

The work forms part of a multi-billion-pound railway programme, which will see the waiting rooms and toilet area, referred to as the old tea room, removed.

For the upgrade, it is crucial to maintain the history of this Grade I-listed station. To achieve this, engineers will carefully disassemble the waiting room, relocating it off-site for safekeeping. It will then eventually be restored as an integral part of the redesigned platforms 3 and 4.

Senior Sponsor on the Transpennine Route Upgrade, Paul Sumner commented; "Huddersfield Station is an iconic building and an intrinsic part of West Yorkshire heritage, so whilst this series of improvements are necessary, the restoration and retention of its historic features is of paramount importance.

“That’s why – after an extensive in-depth planning process – the Transpennine Route Upgrade will bring the station up to modern standards in terms of functionality, without harming its cultural and traditional significance.”

Beginning in early January, engineers will begin the restoration of the current trainshed roof, a rare surviving example of the 'Euston roof' found in operation on today's railways. Throughout this period, the long-term parking area will be unavailable as it will be used for the installation of a site compound.

Last year, Huddersfield Station welcomed over three million passengers, and this number is expected to rise consistently. The enhancements planned for Huddersfield Station represent a stride in the Transpennine Route Upgrade's ambition to develop a more eco-friendly, dependable railway system. This initiative aims to enhance connectivity and elevate travel experiences for passengers journeying across the Pennines.

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