UK allocates £960m to support clean energy manufacturing

Posted on 28 November 2023

The UK Government's allocation of £960 million toward the establishment of a Green Industries Growth Accelerator underscores a steadfast commitment to strengthening the clean energy manufacturing landscape.

This substantial investment is geared towards bolstering and expanding the intricate networks that support clean energy production. It focuses on vital sectors such as carbon capture, utilisation, and storage, the enhancement of electricity networks, advancement in hydrogen technology, development in nuclear energy, and the growth of offshore wind power.

In response to this announcement, Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, has expressed profound optimism regarding the transformative potential of these clean energy investments. She highlights their capacity not only to generate sustainable employment opportunities but also to supply clean and renewable energy to households and businesses across the nation.

Clair Mack commented; "This announcement is a beacon of hope for a sector ripe with possibilities. Yet, the true success will lie in the precise implementation of these plans. We eagerly look forward to working hand-in-hand with the government to ensure that this funding is channeled effectively and efficiently for the benefit of our future generations."

Richard Sandford, Co-Chair of the Offshore Wind Industry Council, commended the government's unwavering commitment to this cause. He accentuated its pivotal role in catalyzing and amplifying the UK's offshore wind supply chain, emphasising the nation's existing strengths in areas such as the design and manufacturing of turbine blades and cables for offshore wind farms. The UK provides crucial services encompassing project planning, turbine assembly, and the operation of crew transfer vessels.

Richard Sandford emphasised, "The potential contribution of the offshore wind supply chain to the UK economy is immense, projected to surpass an impressive £92 billion by the year 2040. This investment signifies not just a boost for our clean energy prospects but also a substantial economic opportunity that aligns with our nation's long-term sustainability goals."

The UK Government's allocation of £960 million marks a pivotal step towards fortifying the nation's commitment to a sustainable and vibrant clean energy future. This substantial investment isn't just a financial commitment but a testament to the determination to strengthen the infrastructure and innovation necessary for a thriving clean energy sector

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