National Highways starts search for interested parties for new £495M technical services framework

Posted on 28 November 2023

National Highways intends to reissue its technical consultancy framework, encompassing geotechnical engineering services, through a new iteration known as SPATS3, replacing the existing specialist professional and technical services framework 2 (SPATS2). With an estimated value of £495 million, SPATS3 is slated to be operational from 2024 to 2030, encompassing the final phase of National Highways’ RIS2 and the entirety of RIS3.

Ground Engineering reports that the tendering process for SPATS3 is scheduled to commence within the next six to 12 months. The current SPATS2 framework aids National Highways in meeting targets set out in its Second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) by providing specialized professional and technical guidance and support.

Prospective suppliers are anticipated to offer a range of road transport-related technical consultancy, including engineering advice, research, and innovation services. These services encompass diverse areas such as geotechnical engineering, asset operation, maintenance, assurance, design standards manuals, environmental concerns, highways structures, sustainability, and transport engineering.

To provide potential suppliers with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and evolving plans for the SPATS3 framework, National Highways will host a market engagement day in Birmingham on 28th November. This event serves as an opportunity for interested parties to grasp the framework's specifics.

National Highways anticipates awarding positions within the SPATS3 framework by March 2025.

The unveiling of SPATS3 by National Highways represents a significant move toward advancing geotechnical engineering services and enhancing technical support within the road transport sector.

With its substantial projected value and operational timeline spanning from 2024 to 2030, SPATS3 aims to encompass critical phases of National Highways’ strategic road investments.

The impending tendering process, set to initiate within the coming months, holds promise for prospective suppliers to contribute their expertise in various technical aspects vital to infrastructure development.

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