Bigger and better Gatwick Airport station opens to passengers

Posted on 28 November 2023

Gatwick Airport station unveiled its new look, promising a transformative experience for passengers making their way from train to plane. This fresh refurbishment marks a significant upgrade aimed at providing travellers between Brighton and London with smoother, faster, and more dependable journeys.

The station now boasts an expanded and enhanced layout, introducing a brand-new second concourse and airport entrance, effectively doubling the space for the station's millions of annual passengers.

With the introduction of eight new escalators and five additional lifts, accessibility takes a notable leap forward. These new enhancements, coupled with four fresh stairways and widened platforms, ensure a swifter and more effortless transition for passengers moving between the train station and the airport.

The streamlining of travel from train to plane not only benefits individuals directly but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the broader network. By alleviating congestion and queues on platforms that often cause delays to trains, this improvement facilitates punctual operations across the railway system.

Passengers along the Brighton Main Line have already seen the benefits of this, courtesy of track upgrades that have significantly reduced journey times between Brighton and London, enabling certain services to complete the trip in just one hour.

The existing station concourse has received substantial upgrades, including new customer information systems, additional ticket gates, and a dedicated passenger assistance point. These enhancements aim to enhance the overall passenger experience and expedite movement throughout the station.

The reconfiguration of the station layout designates the new concourse as the primary entrance for accessing the airport terminal, while the existing concourse serves as the exit point. Refurbishments to the existing station concourse, station footbridges, and the South Terminal linkspan establish a seamless one-way system, guiding travellers from the train station to the airport.

Lucy McAuliffe, Network Rail Sussex route director, expressed her delight at the successful opening of the upgraded Gatwick Airport station. She emphasised its role in supporting the station's millions of annual passengers, catering to their needs efficiently and aligning with London Gatwick's growth projections.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper underscored the government's commitment to enhancing the rail network, emphasizing the station's significance as a pivotal transport hub serving millions of Gatwick Airport travelers annually.

Jenny Saunders, Customer Services Director for Govia Thameslink Railway, praised the redevelopment's alleviation of station congestion, foreseeing a positive reception from customers benefiting from the enhanced space and improved accessibility, facilitating a swifter and more appealing transition from train to plane.

Jonathan Pollard, Chief Commercial Officer at London Gatwick, l hailed the station's transformation, highlighting the significantly improved experience for airport passengers travelling by train. He expressed optimism that the upgraded, fully accessible station will encourage even more travellers to opt for sustainable public transport when journeying to the airport.

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