Unlocking Opportunities: Routes into Rail and Springpod's Virtual Work Experience Initiative

Posted on 10 October 2023

Routes into Railhas teamed up with Springpodto create an immersive virtual work experience program. Its goal is to show students and young professionals all the different jobs and exciting career paths that the rail industry has to offer.

Routes into Rail: Paving the Way for New Talent

Routes into Rail is a groundbreaking initiative, powered by theNational Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), that's dedicated to ushering in a new wave of talent into the rail sector. Whether you're a high school student pondering your future career or someone looking to make a career transition, Routes into Rail is your go-to resource for comprehensive information about the multitude of roles available within the rail industry.

The rail sector isn't just about trains and tracks; it encompasses a wide range of careers, from driving and engineering to data analytics and sustainability management. Routes into Rail aims to bridge the gap between the industry and young individuals by providing a platform that fosters understanding and curiosity.

Springpod: Nurturing Tomorrow's Professionals

Springpod is a specialist in crafting interactive and experiential learning programs. Their platform equips young people with valuable insights into the professional world and university life, enabling them to make informed career decisions. Combining their expertise with Routes into Rail's mission to educate and inspire, they've crafted an initiative that promises to be both informative and engaging.

Work Experience Program

This collaborative virtual work experience program offers students a unique opportunity to delve into the multifaceted landscape of the rail industry. Participants will have the chance to explore various roles, such as train driving, engineering, data analytics, and sustainability management. The program aims to introduce students to roles they may have never considered and illuminate the diverse pathways through which these roles can be pursued.

Interactive quizzes and engaging activities form an integral part of the initiative, enhancing participants' comprehension of the industry. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a downloadable certificate, validating their newfound knowledge and understanding of the rail sector.

Opening Doors to the Rail Industry

By participating in this virtual work experience program, students aged 15 and above, currently enrolled in school or college, will be granted access to a world of possibilities. This initiative is not only enlightening but also free of charge, ensuring that all aspiring professionals have an equal opportunity to explore the rail sector.

This program is accessible throughout the year, offering students ample time to engage, learn, and shape their career aspirations. Whether you're considering a career change or setting your sights on your first job, Routes into Rail and Springpod's virtual work experience initiative is here to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need.

What this means for the Rail Industry

By inspiring more young people to take up more careers in rail, we can work towards closing the skills gap as an additional 120,000 rail workers are needed by 2023 to meet industrial demands, as reported by City & Guilds and NSAR. It was shown that investing in training such as apprenticeships is a critical way to plug the skills gap.

Evidence from NSAR showed that every £1 spent on training on rail skills in the UK results in a £3 return on the investment. Along with this investment, young people bring with them new skills, enthusiasm, confidence, and a willingness to learn about the industry.

The collaboration between Routes into Rail and Springpod is a significant step towards demystifying the rail industry and making it accessible to students and young professionals. This immersive virtual work experience initiative promises to unlock a world of opportunities, broaden horizons, and inspire the next generation of rail industry leaders.

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