September's Top Stories: Accomplishments and Breakthroughs

Posted on 02 October 2023

To keep you updated on the latest notable achievements and advancements in various sectors, we have curated a compilation of significant news from September.

This includes Network Rail launching a South East campaign to recruit more women, Anglian Water investing more than £500,000 to protect the environment in Hunstanton and Scotland signing a deal with the sector to ensure it can reach 20GW of onshore wind by 2030.

Rail | Network Rail launches South East campaign to recruit more women

Recently, Network Rail launched a campaign to persuade more women in the South East to pursue careers in the rail industry.

Network Rail wants more women to consider becoming signalers and maintenance engineers, sectors they found that were underrepresented. The company plans to make rail industry careers more visible in primary schools.

Jen McKinney from Network Rail said that women employed in rail was increasing. She commented; "It's getting better, which is why campaigns like this are so important, putting positive female roles out there.

"We need, starting with primary schools, to make it more visible because I don't think women and girls know there are other career opportunities out there"

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Construction | Plans come in for Stansted Airport terminal extension

Manchester Airports Group submits plans to extend the Norman Foster-designed terminal at Stansted Airport. They aim to extend the terminal space by around a quarter replicating the existing terminal building design.

Pascall+Watson and Mott MacDonald are designing the expansion. It will make the departure lounge bigger, add more shops, bars, and restaurants, and improve the baggage system and security hall.

London Stansted's Managing Director Gareth Powell, commented; "The speed with which we’ve seen Stansted bounce back after the pandemic shows how important our airport is in the UK’s aviation system.

“We have used the last few years to conduct a thorough review of the options for the next phase of investment, and it’s clear that extending the terminal is the best way of delivering improved service and new capacity.”

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Rail | Severn Valley Railway given boost with Network Rail partnership

A groundbreaking collaboration has been established between Severn Valley Railway and Network Rail, signalling the start of an innovative relationship between the past and present railway.

This partnership between the national railway authority and a heritage railway operator will enable both entities to leverage their expertise, technology, and facilities to enhance and maintain their respective networks.

Network Rail's Central route will extend its professional skills, advice, and disused railway materials to support the safety and functionality of Severn Valley Railway, operated by volunteers.

Severn Valley Railway will offer invaluable assistance, training, and infrastructure to aid Network Rail personnel in the operation and maintenance of traditional railway technology, including semaphore signalling and lever frame signal boxes. These historical systems remain in active use, facilitating the movement of passenger and freight trains across various regions of Worcestershire and the West Midlands.

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Water | Anglian Water invests more than £500,000 to protect the environment in Hunstanton

Anglian Water is set to allocate over £500,000 for environmental preservation, flood prevention, and the enhancement of beach and bathing water quality in the Hunstanton region. This initiative, scheduled to commence at the end of September, encompasses a series of undertakings. Among them is the relining of sewer systems in Thornham and Holme-next-the-Sea, as well as investments aimed at curtailing the usage of the storm overflow (also known as a CSO) at Hunstanton Beach.

Engineers will carry out sewer pipe relining work, covering a stretch of nearly 800 meters in Thornham and Holme-next-the-Sea. This effort aims to bolster the resilience of the sewer network and thwart potential flooding. By reinforcing these sewer lines, customers can enjoy uninterrupted water usage and sanitation services without concern.

The project's final phase, slated for completion by the end of October, involves replacing the storm overflow screen at Anglian Water's Smugglers Lane pumping station in Hunstanton. Additionally, new-level monitors will be installed. Storm overflows are designed to release excess stormwater during severe weather events, preventing sewer backup into residential properties.

The screen will serve as a physical barrier for the Hunstanton storm overflow, preventing solid materials from escaping the network during extreme weather conditions. This protective measure not only upholds the water quality at Hunstanton Beach by preventing pollution but also shields the local area from flooding.

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Construction | Arup and Aecom on board for £1bn Lincolnshire powerline

Arup and Aecom have been appointed to deliver management of the environmental impact assessment work for National Grid's Grimsby to Walpole upgrade project.

The £1bn upgrade project will construct a new high-voltage overhead line in Lincolnshire, including new pylons and substations. This connection will deliver increased capacity along the eastern side of England.

Arup's, Regional Board Director Kate Hall, commented; "Building on our strong relationship with AECOM and National Grid, we will help deliver decarbonisation of the energy system through projects such as Grimsby to Walpole.

“The transition to a zero-carbon economy and decarbonisation of the built environment for the health of our planet is a fundamental driver for Arup. We believe the upgrade to the transmission network is key to allowing the integration of offshore renewables in reducing carbon emissions.”

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Civil Engineering | McAleer & Rushe awarded £60m Barking flats job

McAleer & Rushe have been awarded the £60M contract to deliver a 200 flats scheme in Barking for Yara Capital.

The London Road site which is currently vacant, along with the former bus depot will be transformed with buildings ranging from 9 to 22 storeys tall, providing 125 build-to-rent and 71 affordable flats. Construction starting in November, will be partly funded by BeFirst with the project having a completion date of June 2026.

Senior Director at McAleer & Rushe Mark Diamond said; "This latest residential contract, which is one of 8 currently under construction in the greater London area, underpins our strong client relationships, our vast skill set and proven track record in delivering high-quality city centre residential schemes."

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Highways | Next phase of work to improve journey times on the M2 to begin

On 20th September, National Highways announced that central reservation and carriageways to reduce congestion and improve journey times are the latest stages in improvements being made to the M2 at Junction 5, near Stockbury, Kent.

The £92 million M2 Junction 5 enhancements funded by National Highways are set to revolutionise this vital intersection, known as one of the most heavily trafficked in the region, plagued by extensive queues and persistent congestion daily. Upon completion, the construction of the flyover will facilitate the seamless movement of vehicles over the Stockbury roundabout, effectively minimising delays and enhancing overall safety.

The forthcoming phase of this project will necessitate a full weekend closure of the northbound section of A249, leading towards Sheppey, spanning from M20 Junction 7 to the Stockbury roundabout. This closure will be in effect from 9 pm on Friday, September 22nd, until 5 a.m. on Monday, September 25th. National Highways will utilise this period to transition traffic onto the newly constructed northbound slip road and inaugurate the dedicated slip road towards the M2 coastbound route.

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Energy | Scotland signs deal to ensure it can reach 20GW of onshore wind by 2030

The Scottish government has agreed with the private sector to achieve its objective of attaining 20GW of onshore wind power by 2030.

Referred to as the Onshore Wind Sector Deal, this initiative is being celebrated as a "model" that can be adopted throughout the entire United Kingdom.

The primary aim of this partnership is to assist the Scottish government in reaching its 2030 target of 20GW onshore wind capacity, a substantial increase from Scotland's current operational capacity of 9.3GW. This agreement outlines the collaborative efforts of both parties in the rapid, sustainable establishment of onshore wind farms, with a focus on benefiting local communities.

Key measures include streamlining the planning process for onshore wind farms, reducing it to just 12 months, and engaging with local communities to determine a package of community advantages.

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