HSQ Recruitment Takes Active Step in Reducing Carbon Footprint with Reforestation Pledge for Every Placement

Posted on 19 April 2023

HSQ Recruitment is proud to announce our 2023 pledge with Ecologi to support World Earth Day through our Sustainability program. This year's theme, "Invest in Our Planet," highlights the need for governments, businesses, institutions, and individuals to take responsibility for their actions and work towards safeguarding our planet.

As a society, we must raise awareness and encourage large-scale changes to protect our planet from impending climate disasters. Currently, our way of life requires resources equivalent to 1.6 Earths, which is unsustainable for our ecosystems. Without swift action to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, global warming is likely to surpass the 1.5°C threshold within the next two decades, putting the planet at risk.

To mitigate these losses, we must work towards restoring 15% of converted lands and ceasing further conversion of natural ecosystems. We recognise that the Civil Engineering Industry has a vested interest in mitigating the environmental impact of its infrastructure, and we are committed to assisting and supporting our clients in their efforts to become more environmentally conscious.

Our 2023 Pledge

HSQ Environmental Pledge

To promote sustainability, HSQ Recruitment has pledged to plant one tree per placement on behalf of our candidates. Trees play a crucial role in purifying the air we breathe, regulating the earth's temperature, and providing habitat and food for several animal species. By planting trees for every placement, we are taking an active step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability.**T&C applies.

On behalf of our clients, we also pledge to plant:

  • 100 Trees for 10 Recruits

  • 200 Trees for 20 Recruits

  • 500 Trees for 30 Recruits or more**

This initiative not only reduces the carbon footprint but also encourages clients to invest in their planet, promoting a sense of environmental responsibility among them.

Investing in our planet is crucial for a greener, healthier future, and businesses have a critical role to play in achieving this goal. HSQ Recruitment's initiative serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental sustainability and encourages other businesses to follow suit.

Together, we can build a better future for ourselves and future generations.

HSQ environmental impact so far

Terms and Conditions for HSQ Recruitment’s Sustainability Pledge

HSQ Recruitment is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and helping our clients become more environmentally conscious. Our reforestation pledge applies to all placements made by HSQ Recruitment on or after January 1, 2023. The trees will be planted and maintained by Ecologi, a third-party organization that specializes in reforestation and carbon offsetting. HSQ Recruitment will cover the costs associated with tree planting and maintenance. We will periodically report on the number of trees planted on behalf of our candidates and clients.


As part of this pledge, trees will be gifted annually to clients starting from the end of the pledge year. By participating in this pledge, our clients agree to contribute to a greener planet and promote environmental responsibility within their organization. On behalf of our clients, we pledge to plant 100 trees for 10 recruits, 200 trees for 20 recruits, 500 trees for 30 recruits or more, provided all recruits have completed at least 12 weeks of work for the client. For contract/temporary staff, trees will be gifted upon completion of the contract.


HSQ Recruitment will plant one tree for every placement made on behalf of the candidate following the successful completion of a minimum of 12 weeks of work. For contract/temporary staff, trees will be gifted upon completion of the contract.

By participating in this pledge, candidates and clients agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. HSQ Recruitment reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate this pledge at any time without prior notice. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of the country where the placement is made.

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