Meet Max Nettleship: HSQ's Civil Engineering & Rail Recruiter

Posted on 29 November 2022

HSQ Recruitment welcomes Max Nettleship, who has joined the Civil Engineering and Rail Recruitment team as a Recruitment Consultant. Having previously worked in recruitment, Max brings a strong skill set to the team working alongside Luke Norton, Marcus Beverley and Jack Bell.

We recently caught up with Max to see how his first month at HSQ is going.

Can you give us some background on your career and what led to you joining HSQ Recruitment?

I started a Business Management with Enterprise Degree at university, but soon realised that this wasn’t for me and begin my journey in recruitment! Starting Recruitment in 2019 I become a vital role in a busy temporary driving desk, working my way up through the ranks, going from an apprentice Recruitment Consultant to running a West Yorkshire Driving Operation dealing with everything from the candidates' needs and client demands. My role involved a lot of face-to-face encounters with both parties to build relationships and keep everyone happy!

Since this, I came across HSQ Recruitment which has given me a clear and perspective career opportunity. Moving from the Transport industry to the Civil Engineering and Rail industry has given me the opportunity to really push myself and have found myself really enjoying the role!

Tell us about your role and responsibilities in the Civil Engineering and Rail team

Joining the Civil Engineering and Rail team over at HSQ, I am responsible for dealing with every aspect of the recruitment process from maintaining and developing client relationships to finding suitable candidates that are looking for the next move in their career.

How has your first month been at HSQ Recruitment?

Since making the move to HSQ Recruitment, I am thoroughly enjoying the role. Not only is there a great team who support one or another, there is a clear and suitable career path which is supported by great training programmes and opportunities.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a keen football fan that follows my local team Doncaster Rovers, whilst not working and following football, I spend a lot with my friends at the pub having a quiet pint and playing pool.

What aspects of your role are you most excited about and what are you looking forward to?

Within my role at HSQ we see a lot of positive changes for our candidates when they are successful as we like to cater and find the most suitable role for themselves, it always nice to see them giving it back with anything from praise to a simple thank you!

I am looking forward to seeing how the team can grow and expand with the current 5 - year plan, which seems to be a very positive and a nice change!

What initially attracted you to a career in Recruitment?

Without beating around the bush, the Recruitment career path ended up in my lap and was hard to turn down, since then I have seen numerous industries diversify and change.

What would you say to anyone looking to start their career in recruitment and why?

A career in recruitment can be a great career for anyone looking for success, whilst the work can be seen as stressful and not always the best, the rewards in return can be great (Work Hard, Play Hard). Recruitment allows us to become real key players within specific industries and offer some amazing opportunities from visiting major projects to see how they work, to meeting key players from big companies!

HSQ Recruitment is a growing business, having completed our first year in business and successfully establishing several contracts we are on the lookout for hard-working and passionate individuals either with recruitment experience or without! We’re happy to discuss our roles with you and see if they would be a fit for what you’re looking for… contact us now on 01484 955 888

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