HSQ Recruitment Welcomes Marcus Beverley as Civil Engineering Team Leader, Strengthening Growth and Capabilities

Posted on 05 July 2022

HSQ Recruitment, a leading recruitment agency specialising in the civil engineering sector, is delighted to announce the valuable addition of Marcus Beverley to its growing team. Marcus has recently joined us as the Civil Engineering Team Leader, further strengthening our capabilities and enabling us to better support our ambitious growth plans as we embark on our second year of operation.

With his extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of civil engineering, Marcus brings a wealth of expertise to HSQ Recruitment. As the new Civil Engineering Team Leader, he will play a pivotal role in guiding and overseeing the activities of our civil engineering division, ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional recruitment solutions and services to both candidates and clients in the industry.

In order to gain valuable insights into Marcus's initial experiences and impressions during his first month at HSQ Recruitment, we had the privilege of sitting down with him to discuss his thoughts. This conversation allowed us to delve into his perspectives on the company culture, his integration into the team, and his vision for the future of the civil engineering division.


Can you give us some background on your career and what led to you joining HSQ Recruitment?

Before joining HSQ I had five and a half years as a 360-Recruitment Consultant starting as an Apprentice and then progressing to a Manager. I started within the Industrial sector moving over to Civil Engineering. I knew when moving to HSQ I would be able to progress in the business and be able to expand my recruitment knowledge in a new environment.

How have your first couple of weeks been?

My start here at HSQ has been great so far, I have been able to get clients already on board and with up to £100,000 worth of bookings already to get filled which I am happy about. My Colleagues at HSQ are great and made me feel welcome from day one, they are always there to support me and help me with anything I need. I look forward to what happens in the future in my role at HSQ.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities.

The Responsibility of my role is to build the Civil Engineering side of HSQ, helping to gain more clients in this sector and to support candidates. Within my first two weeks, I have been learning all about HSQ and I have been lucky to already have gained several clients.

What aspects of your role are you most excited about and what are you looking forward to?

I am excited about building the Civil Side of HSQ, I am looking forward to being able to stand back this time next year and look at what we have built and what we have achieved to help HSQ expand further.

What initially attracted you to a career in recruitment?

What first attracted me to a career in recruitment is being able to manage my desk and be able to work alongside clients and candidates, building good relationships with them.


What would you say to anyone looking to start their career in recruitment?

I would say go for it! The benefits of working in recruitment are massive, it is a rewarding career if you work hard and stay motivated.

As HSQ Recruitment celebrates the completion of our successful first year in business, we are thrilled to share that we have secured numerous contracts and are experiencing remarkable growth. To support our expanding operations, we are actively seeking dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Whether you have recruitment experience or are new to the field, we would love to have a conversation with you to explore how our available roles align with your aspirations. Contact us today at 01484 955 888 to start a discussion and discover the exciting possibilities that await you at HSQ Recruitment.



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