Halton and Warrington Councils Invite Bids for £117m Highways Maintenance Contract

Posted on 21 July 2022

Halton Borough Council and Warrington Borough Council, two prominent local authorities situated in the scenic region of Cheshire, have recently embarked on an exciting endeavour. They have opened their doors to companies seeking an exceptional opportunity: the chance to secure a highly sought-after highways maintenance contract worth an impressive £117 million. This project promises to be a significant undertaking, with an initial contract term spanning a respectable six years. However, what makes it even more enticing is the potential for extension, allowing for a maximum duration of ten years.

Scheduled to kick off in June 2023 and slated for completion in May 2029, this expansive contract offers the local authorities the flexibility to extend the agreement annually for up to four additional years. Such a generous provision allows for adaptability and ensures that the highways will receive the utmost care and attention well into the future. With the potential for a decade-long commitment, the councils are showcasing their dedication to maintaining and improving the region's vital road infrastructure.

The scope of this ambitious project encompasses a wide range of crucial tasks. It includes construction activities aimed at enhancing the existing highways network, ensuring smoother journeys for commuters and travellers alike. The contract includes provisions for scheduled and routine maintenance, ensuring that the roads remain in optimal condition year-round. Recognising the need for prompt response and preparedness, the local authorities have also emphasized the importance of seasonal and emergency services, guaranteeing swift and efficient action when unforeseen circumstances arise.

In the tender, the councils have meticulously outlined the specific tasks and areas of focus that the chosen company will undertake. These tasks encompass an array of essential responsibilities, including comprehensive drainage work to tackle potential flooding issues, the installation and maintenance of efficient street lighting systems for enhanced safety, and the vital upkeep and preservation of bridges to ensure their structural integrity.

The chosen contractor will be tasked with the critical duty of repairing potholes that can plague the roads, causing inconvenience and potential hazards to motorists. The contract includes patching and resurfacing activities to rectify any surface imperfections and enhance the overall quality of the road network. The councils have also emphasised the importance of clear and informative signage installation, contributing to the safety and guidance of drivers.

Beyond the realm of road maintenance, the project extends its reach to various other aspects of infrastructure development. It encompasses the construction of much-needed car parks, designed to alleviate parking congestion and enhance accessibility for commuters. Additionally, the installation of fences and highway barriers is a key component of the contract, ensuring the safety and separation of different road users. Furthermore, the development of carriageways, footways, and cycleways serves as a testament to the councils' commitment to promoting sustainable and alternative modes of transportation.

In a refreshing and inclusive approach, the councils have warmly encouraged small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the bidding process. By extending this invitation, they aim to foster a diverse and competitive landscape, allowing innovative and agile companies to showcase their expertise and contribute to the successful realization of this significant project. Notably, this approach aligns with the councils' desire to support local businesses and stimulate economic growth within the region.

This venture by Halton Borough Council and Warrington Borough Council follows in the footsteps of a recent success story. Just last month, Kier, a renowned construction company, secured a seven-year contract valued at an impressive £420 million. This contract awarded by North Northamptonshire Council showcased the potential for substantial opportunities in the highway projects domain. The councils' commitment to prioritizing road infrastructure and awarding such notable contracts demonstrates their dedication to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and overall prosperity of their respective regions.


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