Connect Plus Consortium Invites Contractors to Bid on £150M M25 Motorway Maintenance and Upgrades Framework

Posted on 23 February 2022

A significant opportunity has emerged in the construction industry as a £150 million framework has been made available for contractors to bid on. This framework is specifically targeted towards the maintenance and upgrades of the renowned M25 motorway. Taking charge of the operation and management of the M25 and its crucial arterial link roads on behalf of National Highways is Connect Plus, a consortium composed of esteemed entities such as Edge Orbital Holdings, Balfour Beatty, and Egis Investment Partners. Their responsibility extends to the comprehensive management of the M25 and encompasses a comprehensive 30-year contract that encompasses various aspects including design, construction, financing, and operation. This extensive contract, which commenced previously and is set to conclude in 2039, grants Connect Plus the authority to oversee the entire lifecycle of the M25 and its associated infrastructure.

In an effort to ensure transparency and encourage participation from capable industry players, Connect Plus is organising a highly anticipated event scheduled for March. This event will serve as an informational session for main works contractors who are keen on seizing the opportunity presented by the £150 million framework dedicated to the M25 motorway. Conveniently located near the South West region of the M25, this event, scheduled to take place on March 31, aims to attract economic operators from various segments of the supply chain, which typically specialise in the design, supply, and construction of projects similar in scale and complexity to the M25.

At the upcoming event, attendees will have the privilege of being briefed on the strategic vision and meticulous six-year plan formulated by the Connect Plus consortium. This comprehensive plan is dedicated to implementing crucial civil engineering and technology improvements as part of the overarching framework for the M25. The substantial financial value of the framework, totalling an impressive £150 million, ensures that a wide range of projects will be undertaken to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the M25 motorway. Contractors participating in the bidding process can expect individual contracts within the framework to vary in value, with estimates ranging from £100,000 to £20 million. This diversity in contract sizes allows contractors of various capacities to partake in this transformative initiative.

Recognising the value of industry expertise and the importance of constructive feedback, the contracting authority has devised a proactive approach. They plan to engage with the supply chain through early market engagement, enabling them to gather valuable insights and opinions. By doing so, they aim to validate their procurement and contracting strategies for the framework, ensuring that the overall process is streamlined and optimised for all stakeholders involved.

The comprehensive framework encompasses a wide array of projects, each playing a pivotal role in the upkeep and advancement of the M25. Notably, the framework will address critical areas such as structures, geotechnical works, junction improvements, roadside technology, and environmental enhancements. The environmental aspect, in particular, holds substantial importance, as it encompasses both protection measures and enhancements that may be integrated into ongoing schemes or commissioned as separate initiatives. This holistic approach ensures that the M25 not only operates at its highest potential but also aligns with environmental best practices, minimizing its ecological impact.

A true marvel of engineering, the M25 motorway stretches across an impressive distance of over 440 kilometres. As one of the United Kingdom's most significant and bustling motorways, the M25 features five remarkable tunnels and boasts a staggering 2,500 structures. These structures include magnificent bridges, crucial culverts, and essential overhead gantries, all of which contribute to the smooth flow of traffic and the overall efficiency of this vital transportation network.

The availability of the £150 million framework for the M25 motorway presents a remarkable opportunity for contractors in the construction industry. With Connect Plus at the helm, this consortium, comprising distinguished entities like Edge Orbital Holdings, Balfour Beatty, and Egis Investment Partners, is poised to embark on a transformative journey to enhance the M25. The upcoming event in March promises to provide crucial insights and strategic guidance to main works contractors, who are eager to participate in this ambitious endeavour. Through early market engagement, the contracting authority aims to refine its procurement and contracting strategies, ensuring a seamless and productive collaboration with the supply chain. As the framework encompasses diverse projects, ranging from structural improvements to cutting-edge technology integration, it exemplifies Connect Plus's commitment to both functionality and sustainability. The M25, with its extensive network of tunnels, bridges, and structures, stands as a testament to British engineering excellence and innovation.







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