Manchester Ranks Third in TimeOut's List of World's Best Cities, Surpassing London by a Wide Margin

Posted on 08 September 2021

According to the prestigious global magazine TimeOut, Manchester has achieved an impressive feat by securing the third position on the highly anticipated list of the world's 37 best cities. This esteemed ranking is compiled based on the valuable opinions of tens of thousands of urban readers, giving it great credibility and significance. While Manchester may not have claimed the coveted top spot this time around, its remarkable performance surpassed that of London by a substantial margin. Out of the numerous cities evaluated, only San Francisco and Amsterdam were able to surpass Manchester, further highlighting its prominence on the global stage.

The accolades bestowed upon Manchester by TimeOut depict a city that is both resilient and tightly-knit in the face of adversity. Rob Martin, a representative from TimeOut, describes Manchester as a place with "general great vibes," renowned for its ability to create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. It is hardly surprising that the city excelled in various categories such as "nightlife," "creativity," "community spirit," "friendliness," and "getting to know your neighbours." TimeOut's portrayal of Manchester emphasises its ability to withstand challenging circumstances while fostering unity among its residents. The survey results affirm Manchester's strong sense of pride, with an impressive 71 per cent of respondents in this year's index describing the city as "creative." As the birthplace of iconic music labels like Factory Records and celebrated bands such as the Fall and the Smiths, Manchester's cultural significance continues to thrive, as evidenced by prominent events like the Manchester International Festival (MIF) and Grayson's Art Club.

city skyline across body of water during night time
Sunset at MediaCityUK by Orry Verducci via Unsplash

On a more localised level, the actions of small businesses like Result CIC, which provided free mental health support to frontline workers, and the generosity of establishments like the Eagle and Child pub, which distributed 4,500 meals to vulnerable locals, further exemplify the unwavering spirit and community-oriented nature of Manchester. These commendable endeavours showcase the city's commitment to its residents and demonstrate its dedication to fostering a caring and supportive environment.

In addition to Manchester's accomplishments, the TimeOut list reveals a fascinating lineup of the top 10 cities. Alongside Manchester, renowned destinations such as San Francisco, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Montreal, Prague, Tel Aviv, Porto, and Tokyo have also secured coveted spots. Each city on this list possesses unique qualities and attractions that contribute to its appeal and desirability.

To explore the complete list of 37 cities and delve into the outstanding qualities that earned them a place on the TimeOut ranking, interested individuals can visit the official TimeOut website. Notably, London's position on the list may come asan unfortunate surprise to some, highlighting the diversity and subjective nature of rankings.

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