The London Resort: Embarking on a Revolutionary Journey to Build Europe's Most Ambitious Theme Park

Posted on 16 August 2021

​Situated on the picturesque Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, the London Resort has embarked on an exciting new phase by inviting interested firms to partake in pre-procurement registration, signalling the commencement of its ambitious plan to create a sprawling 500-acre theme park. With aspirations of becoming one of the most groundbreaking and influential theme park ventures in Europe since the iconic Disneyland Paris was unveiled over three decades ago, the London Resort sets out to redefine the concept of immersive entertainment. Spearheading this visionary project is the London Resort Company Holdings, a subsidiary under the ownership of the Kuwaiti European Holding Company Group, bringing together a wealth of expertise and resources to transform their vision into a tangible reality.

London Resort says works could start later next year, subject to planning

This endeavour is unlike any other within the European landscape, as it seeks to construct a theme park entirely from scratch—a monumental undertaking that will require meticulous planning, ingenuity, and collaboration. With an investment surpassing the impressive threshold of £1 billion, the London Resort has garnered recognition as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, solidifying its importance and impact on a national level. Earlier this year, the project underwent a rigorous examination by the inspectorate, further underscoring its significance and validating the ambitious plans set in motion.

Recent developments have prompted the London Resort to proactively address evolving circumstances. Natural England, in a bid to preserve and protect the environmental richness of the region, has applied to designate 250 hectares of the Swanscombe Peninsula as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. In response to this application, the London Resort has requested an extension for the submission of revised proposals, recognizing the need for careful consideration and adjustments to ensure harmonious coexistence with the natural surroundings.

Assuming the London Resort's Development Consent Order application successfully navigates the regulatory process and receives approval, an exciting milestone awaits in 2022 when construction is slated to commence. This pivotal moment will mark the transition from visionary concepts and blueprints to the physical realization of this monumental theme park project. Anticipation reaches its zenith as enthusiasts and visitors eagerly await the grand opening of the London Resort in 2024—a momentous occasion set to captivate the imagination and ignite the thrill-seeker in all who enter its gates.

As the project progresses, it holds the promise of reshaping the leisure and entertainment landscape across Europe, leaving an indelible mark as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and unparalleled experiences in the realm of theme parks. The London Resort stands as a testament to human ingenuity and imagination, creating a tapestry where dreams and reality intertwine to form unforgettable memories for generations to come.

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