Liverpool City Council Seeks Consultants for £240M Highways Framework Initiative

Posted on 12 August 2021

The Liverpool City Council is actively soliciting the expertise of consultants to join a comprehensive professional services highways framework, which carries a substantial value of £240 million and extends over a four-year period. With the aim of commencing this initiative, the council has officially issued a prior information notice (PIN), serving as an invitation for interested parties to participate. The framework, scheduled to come into effect from January 31, 2022, until January 2026, presents a significant opportunity for consultants to contribute their specialised skills and knowledge to support the council's objectives.

To ensure the successful execution of this ambitious framework, the Liverpool City Council is seeking to engage the services of four to six suppliers for each designated lot. The council anticipates that the framework's overall value will range from £60 million to £80 million throughout its duration, reflecting the magnitude of the projects and services to be undertaken.

The highways consultancy framework encompasses a diverse range of expertise, calling for consultants with specialised knowledge in various critical areas. These include:

  • Project Design Services and Site Support, encompassing Technical Authoring and Modelling, are essential components in ensuring efficient project implementation.

  • Expertise in Programme and Project Management is sought to effectively oversee and coordinate the various aspects of the highways framework.

  • Project Health & Safety consultants will play a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

  • Project Cost and Commercial Consultants will contribute their financial acumen to ensure the framework's fiscal sustainability. 

  • TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) Consultancy and Drafting Services are also sought to facilitate smooth traffic management and optimise road usage.

  • The council requires Transport Planning Advice, incorporating Transport Modelling, to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of transportation systems

  • The framework includes a range of miscellaneous services, such as IT design, bridge survey, site investigation, environmental specialisms, and certain car parking services, which are crucial in supporting the comprehensive needs of the highway projects.

To ensure a diverse pool of expertise and resources, the Liverpool City Council intends to appoint a maximum of 45 participants to the framework. This approach will allow for a broad spectrum of skills and perspectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the highway projects. Interested firms are strongly encouraged to register their interest in the framework by October 29, enabling the council to thoroughly evaluate the potential candidates. The registration period provides ample time for interested parties to carefully consider their involvement and submit their applications accordingly.

The council has set January 11, 2022, as the anticipated date for announcing the contract awards to successful applicants. This milestone will signify the commencement of the consultants' engagement in the framework, marking the beginning of their collaborative efforts with the Liverpool City Council to deliver high-quality highway services and contribute to the city's infrastructure development.



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