Leeds City Council Launches Search for Contractors for Medium-Sized Civil Engineering Projects

Posted on 24 August 2021

Leeds City Council, demonstrating its commitment to infrastructure development, has recently embarked on an ambitious endeavour to seek out four reputable contractors to undertake a series of medium-sized civil engineering projects. To facilitate this undertaking, the council has introduced an innovative new framework that encompasses a diverse range of highway and civil engineering works, with individual project values falling within the £2m to £7m range. The council's primary objective is to enhance and optimise the infrastructure within the Leeds district. However, it is also open to the possibility of extending these projects to other local authorities within the broader Yorkshire and Humberside region, thus promoting collaboration and regional development.

This dynamic framework is designed to span an impressive four-year duration, commencing in February 2022 and culminating in January 2026. Throughout this period, the allocation of work assignments will be flexible and responsive to the specific needs and demands that may arise. Contractors will be engaged on an as-needed basis, allowing for optimal efficiency and timely execution of the various civil engineering endeavours. This strategic approach ensures that resources are allocated appropriately, maximizing the impact of each project while minimizing any unnecessary delays or disruptions.

An additional testament to the importance and scale of this initiative is the recent announcement made by the city council in June. During that month, two coveted positions on the council's minor works framework, valued at an impressive £60m over a four-year period, were awarded to Colas and Hinko Construction. These distinguished companies, both headquartered in the vibrant city of Bradford, have demonstrated their expertise and proven track record in delivering high-quality civil engineering projects. Their successful inclusion in the framework further strengthens their reputation and affirms their ability to meet the rigorous standards set by the council.

For other firms eager to seize this lucrative opportunity, the council has set the deadline for the submission of initial bids as September 22nd. This generous timeframe allows interested companies ample opportunity to meticulously prepare and present their proposals. By encouraging fair competition, the council ensures that the selection process for the four contractor positions within the medium-sized civil engineering projects framework is robust, unbiased, and in the best interest of advancing infrastructure development within the region.


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