YORBuild Seeks Contractors for £640m Building Frameworks: Unlocking Construction Opportunities

Posted on 21 July 2021

The Yorkshire, North East, East of England, and Midlands regions are currently offering two lucrative building frameworks for tender, totalling an impressive value of £640m. The first framework, YORBuild West, focuses on the regions of Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire, offering a substantial contract worth £400m. Meanwhile, the second framework, simply named YORBuild, is open for tender in the Northeast, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire, with a contract value of £240m. These frameworks primarily target building works and new housing projects, although there is also potential for civil engineering works to be included, ensuring a comprehensive scope of construction opportunities.

To ensure efficiency and effective project management, each framework is thoughtfully divided into two distinct lots. The first lot revolves around new housing and general building works, encompassing specific civil engineering projects ranging from £4m to £10m in value. The second lot is dedicated to the development of new housing, focusing on projects consisting of more than 25 houses. This division allows for tailored approaches and specialised attention to different types of construction projects, enabling a more targeted and efficient delivery.

Initially, both frameworks are designed to operate for a span of four years. There is the potential for an extension of up to two years, a provision that reflects YORBuild's commitment to supporting contractors in recouping their significant initial investments. This extension period offers an opportunity for contractors to align their construction practices with the objectives outlined in the government's Construction Playbook. These objectives encompass a wide range of considerations, including economic regeneration, reduction of carbon emissions and waste, implementation of training and employment initiatives, adaptation of staff to new working methods, and the utilisation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies. By incorporating these objectives into their projects, contractors can contribute to the overarching goals of sustainable development and improved construction practices.

YORBuild places great emphasis on fostering high levels of collaboration between clients and contractors. Recognising that such collaboration may require additional time to develop and fully realise its benefits, YORBuild acknowledges that achieving this goal may extend beyond the initial four-year period. This understanding is particularly relevant as some clients may take time to embrace and utilise the frameworks effectively in their early stages.

The intended beneficiaries of the YORBuild frameworks are public sector entities, including esteemed organisations such as the NHS, local government bodies, educational institutions, and third-sector organisations like housing associations. By engaging these public sector stakeholders, YORBuild seeks to deliver construction projects that address the diverse needs and demands of the community.

In the previous year, the YORBuild framework witnessed the success of Kier and Interserve, who emerged as winners of the £1.5bn contract in the Yorkshire region. This particular framework served as a successor to the YORBuild2 framework, through which Kier demonstrated their prowess by delivering the renowned Ponteland school project (featured in the accompanying picture). Bam Construction, Galliford Try, Morgan Sindall, and Wates also secured positions on two lots of the framework, solidifying their involvement in major construction initiatives.

Prospective participants interested in seizing these remarkable opportunities must submit their requests to participate in the tender processes no later than the 17th of September. This deadline ensures a fair and transparent selection process, allowing interested parties ample time to prepare and present their capabilities and proposals for consideration.

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