Laing O'Rourke Announces Start of £505m Everton Stadium Construction, Promising a Game-Changing Icon in Liverpool

Posted on 02 July 2021

Laing O'Rourke, a renowned construction company, has made an official announcement that the highly anticipated construction of Everton's new £505m stadium will commence on July 26. This milestone coincides with the football club taking possession of the Bramley-Moore Dock site, located in the vibrant Liverpool Waters' Peel L&P regeneration area, setting the stage for the beginning of preparatory works that will shape the future of this remarkable project.

The initial phase of construction will encompass a series of critical tasks essential to laying the foundation for this extraordinary stadium. These include meticulously repairing and preserving a Grade II-listed dock wall, ensuring the stability and integrity of the on-site hydraulic tower, meticulously preparing for the demolition of non-listed structures, and precisely levelling the expansive dock floor. Furthermore, the installation of intricate pipework will be undertaken to facilitate the infilling of the dock, paving the way for the construction process to unfold seamlessly.

Paul McNerney, Laing O'Rourke's esteemed director of UK building, exudes unwavering confidence in the project, emphasising its immense potential to bestow significant benefits upon the city and its community. He proudly underscores the company's unrivalled expertise in the realm of digital engineering, extensive experience in constructing exceptional sports stadiums, and position at the forefront of manufacturing capabilities, thanks to the utilisation of top-notch products hailing from their two cutting-edge UK factories. With such formidable assets at their disposal, Laing O'Rourke is poised to deliver nothing short of excellence as they bring Everton's grand vision to life.

Everton Stadium Construction

A report published earlier this year by the Liverpool City Council sheds light on the extensive impact this groundbreaking project will have on the local economy. With the stadium construction expected to generate an impressive 8,136 jobs, it is set to become a formidable force in job creation. Moreover, the redevelopment of Everton's current home, the esteemed Goodison Park, valued at £82.5m, is projected to yield an additional 1,382 job opportunities. The report also anticipates a ripple effect, with the project acting as a catalyst for further construction developments in the surrounding area, estimated to be valued at a remarkable £212m. These developments promise to shape a vibrant landscape, stimulating economic growth and fostering a sense of prosperity for the entire community.

Denise Barrett-Baxendale, the esteemed chief executive of Everton Football Club, exudes palpable excitement for the forthcoming stadium, heralding it as an architectural masterpiece destined to be one of the most magnificent in the realm of football. Overflowing with gratitude, she extends her heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated colleagues, unwavering supporters, and the vibrant local community whose passion and unwavering dedication have propelled this project forward. Barrett-Baxendale warmly acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Laing O'Rourke, expressing profound anticipation for the upcoming collaboration that will bring these awe-inspiring designs to fruition. With shared enthusiasm and vision, they stand poised to embark on an incredible journey, turning dreams into a tangible reality in the years that lie ahead.

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