Blackpool Central Unveils £300m Extraterrestrial-Themed Entertainment Complex, Redefining the Future of Fun

Posted on 17 June 2021

​Blackpool Central, an awe-inspiring entertainment complex with an astonishing budget of £300 million, has emerged as a beacon of excitement and anticipation in Blackpool as it awaits approval for its visionary plans. This ambitious project aims to transform a sprawling 17-acre site into a destination that will leave visitors spellbound. At the heart of this grand endeavour lies an indoor theme park that is poised to redefine the very essence of entertainment. With cutting-edge virtual-reality rides and immersive experiences, it promises to transport guests to realms beyond imagination. But the marvels of Blackpool Central don't end there. The complex will also introduce a cornucopia of enticing amenities, such as upscale hotels that offer luxurious accommodations, a diverse array of dining options to satisfy all palates, a vibrant public square designed to host a myriad of events, and a multi-storey car park that ensures convenience for visitors.

This ground-breaking project is the fruit of the relentless efforts of two esteemed developers, Nikal and Media Invest Entertainment (MIE). Together, they have dedicated numerous years to meticulously planning and innovating in order to bring their shared vision to life. A comprehensive approach has been taken, resulting in carefully prepared planning applications for the car park and a heritage quarter. The inclusion of the heritage quarter is particularly noteworthy, as it involves the intricate integration of two historically significant Grade II-listed buildings. This careful fusion of the old and the new exemplifies a commitment to preserving the area's rich heritage while embracing the future. An outline planning application has been presented, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming phases of this momentous endeavour.

Map of Blackpool entertainment complex

Richard Fee, the esteemed chairman of Nikal, underscores the magnitude of this critical juncture, recognizing it as a giant leap forward. He affirms, "This significant progress will enable us to construct a new multi-storey car park and the Heritage Quarter, propelling us toward the subsequent phases of the project." While the completion of the entire development is expected to span approximately a decade, Nikal remains resolute in its dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience that will endure the test of time.

MIE, a stalwart supporter of the project, envisions the theme park as an extraordinary exploration of extra-terrestrial themes and the enigmatic mysteries shrouding ancient civilisations. Their aim is to create an all-encompassing environment that not only stimulates the senses but also ignites the spark of curiosity within visitors. Through cutting-edge attractions and immersive storytelling, the theme park at Blackpool Central will transport guests to otherworldly realms, captivating their imagination and leaving an indelible impression.

The significance of this audacious project has garnered attention at the highest levels, with the central government expressing its unwavering support by granting a generous sum of £8 million. This substantial contribution will play a vital role in facilitating the relocation of the magistrates and civil court, which currently resides within the designated development area. This seamless integration of the new entertainment complex underscores the government's recognition of the transformative potential of Blackpool Central.

The £300 million Blackpool Central entertainment complex represents a pioneering venture that promises to redefine the very fabric of entertainment in the region. Anchored by an extraordinary indoor theme park, the development seamlessly combines exhilarating attractions, luxurious accommodations, an eclectic dining scene, a bustling public square, and convenient parking facilities. This visionary project is poised to captivate visitors from near and far, offering an unrivalled experience that transcends boundaries. As the plans for Blackpool Central progress, the collective expertise of Nikal and MIE, fortified by the support of the central government, will ensure that this destination becomes an enduring testament to the marvels of extra-terrestrial themes and ancient mysteries while honouring and celebrating the area's rich heritage.


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