UK Construction Industry Rebounds with 1.6% Growth in February, Demonstrating Resilience and Setting Path for Recovery

Posted on 28 April 2021

The UK construction industry is currently experiencing a promising trajectory towards recovery, as evident from the notable rebound of 1.6% in February. This positive development comes after a period of sluggish output growth that occurred towards the end of the previous year. A graph illustrating the ten-year trend of construction activity in the UK vividly demonstrates the significant decline observed in February 2020 when the Covid pandemic began impacting the sector.

These latest figures not only highlight the construction industry's resilience but also reaffirm its position as the fastest-growing sector in the economy, surpassing other industries in terms of growth. Despite a revision in January's figures, British builders have continued to exhibit robust growth, showcasing the industry's adaptability and ability to bounce back in challenging times.

While new construction work still lags behind pre-Covid levels by 7.8%, there has been a notable surge in the repair and maintenance segment, surpassing previous levels by 2.2%. This encouraging trend aligns with the fully recovered infrastructure sector, indicating a balanced recovery across different areas of construction activity. Such a comprehensive recovery signifies positive momentum and bodes well for the industry's overall performance.

Major building contractors have every reason to be optimistic as they witness a substantial 4% increase in commercial new work during February. This rise in commercial activity across Great Britain, in comparison to the previous month, not only signifies a shift in momentum but also presents potential opportunities for construction projects. It indicates a growing demand for commercial infrastructure and a positive outlook for the industry's prospects.

Fraser Johns, finance director at Beard, expresses optimism in light of the reopening of the retail sector and the successful rollout of vaccines. The month-on-month growth of 1.6%, the highest since September, instils further hope for a positive trajectory out of the crisis. The construction sector's growth rate surpasses the overall economic growth rate of 0.4%, underscoring its resilience and significant contribution to the nation's recovery efforts. The industry's ability to adapt and thrive under challenging circumstances is commendable and provides a strong foundation for continued growth.

Gareth Belsham, director of Naismiths, commends the construction industry's adaptability to social distancing rules and emphasises the strong demand that has been steadily building up. The remarkable surge of nearly 141% in output among private sector house builders since the lowest point experienced 12 months ago is a testament to the industry's resilience and capacity for recovery. Additionally, infrastructure work has surpassed pre-pandemic levels, further showcasing the industry's robust performance across multiple sectors.

For individuals and businesses seeking opportunities, the thriving construction sector offers a wide range of possibilities in areas such as Construction, Infrastructure, and Building. Exploring these avenues not only contributes to the industry's growth but also plays a vital role in the overall economic recovery of the country. By capitalising on the industry's current momentum and identifying potential areas of growth, stakeholders can actively participate in shaping the future of the construction sector and contribute to the nation's post-pandemic revitalisation.

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