Procure Partnerships Framework and Oldham Council Unveil Ambitious £1.8 Billion Contractor Framework for Infrastructure Development in North-West England

Posted on 07 April 2021

Procure Partnerships Framework, in collaboration with Oldham Council, has launched a highly significant contractor framework in the vibrant and dynamic North-West region of England. With a staggering budget of £1.8 billion, this visionary initiative aims to address the evolving needs of public sector bodies operating within the region's diverse landscape. Boasting an extensive scope, the framework encompasses an impressive array of construction projects, ranging from the construction of vital pipelines, communication and power lines to the development of essential infrastructure for the region's bustling highways, roads, airfields, and railways.

At the core of this groundbreaking framework lies a carefully curated selection of contractors, each entrusted with the responsibility of delivering a comprehensive range of services that form the backbone of successful construction endeavours. These services encompass an impressive array of critical tasks, including meticulous site preparation, innovative building construction, precision engineering works, intricate roof works, and the provision of top-notch architectural, construction, engineering, and inspection services. Spanning an ambitious duration of four years, this framework truly offers a treasure trove of opportunities, featuring an enticing mix of both design and build initiatives, as well as captivating build-only projects. Recognising the significance of infrastructure development, the framework thoughtfully includes an infrastructure works component, specifically tailored to address the region's unique and evolving infrastructure-related requirements.

To ensure the seamless implementation and unwavering success of this visionary framework, Procure Partnerships has devised an insightful strategy. By organising immersive market engagement events, the framework actively encourages meaningful interactions and fruitful discussions between key stakeholders and contractors. These events will provide a fertile ground for collaboration, enabling valuable insights and perspectives to be shared before the official launch of the tender process. With meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the framework is poised to commence operations in the enchanting spring of 2022, heralding a new era of construction process throughout the resplendent North-West region.

Procure Partnerships has already left an indelible mark in the region, having successfully completed a three-year framework that surpassed expectations by encompassing over 100 awe-inspiring construction projects. This initial pilot scheme, introduced in 2018, paved the way for an expansive and far-reaching framework that stretches its arms across both the captivating lands of England and Wales. Testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence, Procure Partnerships appointed esteemed industry titans such as Kier, Bam Construction, and Morgan Sindall to the prestigious national framework in 2019, further fortifying the capabilities and expertise available to public sector organisations throughout the land.

Contractors yearning to partake in this remarkable journey of innovation and growth can conveniently submit their applications online until the illustrious deadline of April 23. Recognizing the importance of open communication and information dissemination, Procure Partnerships Framework has thoughtfully scheduled two immersive online sessions on April 29 and 30, providing a fertile ground for interested parties to seek further clarification, delve deeper into the framework's nuances, and forge meaningful connections with fellow industry experts.

In a recent momentous development, Procure Partnerships Framework has extended its remarkable influence by skilfully appointing esteemed consultants of unparalleled repute, including the illustrious Aecom and the visionary Arcadis. These exceptional consultants, armed with their wealth of knowledge and experience, will play an instrumental role in a ground-breaking four-year professional services framework that commands a jaw-dropping valuation of £500 million. Encompassing the resplendent landscapes of both England and Wales, this awe-inspiring framework stands poised to revolutionise the landscape of professional services, empowering and propelling the region's development and delivery of projects to unparalleled heights.

With this visionary contractor framework, Procure Partnerships Framework and Oldham Council have set the stage for an extraordinary transformation, breathing life into construction projects of immense significance.

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