Lower Thames Crossing and HS2 Ltd Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration to Enhance Construction Practices and Foster Community Relations

Posted on 09 April 2021

The collaboration between the Lower Thames Crossing project and HS2 Ltd marks a pivotal milestone in the pursuit of enhancing construction practices and cultivating positive community relations. The partnership arises from a profound recognition of the formidable challenges faced by HS2, which confronted an overwhelming number of construction-related complaints last year, spanning a wide range of issues such as HGV movements, road closures, environmental breaches, and violations of Covid-19 regulations. Fully committed to learning from these experiences and proactively avoiding similar disputes, the Lower Thames Crossing project stands resolute in its endeavour to set new standards for construction excellence.

HS2 Ltd's implementation of dedicated roles along its route represents a strategic response aimed at bridging the gap between construction commitments and contractor actions. This crucial step follows a revealing parliamentary transport select committee meeting that shed light on the failure of HS2 contractors to adhere to environmental best practices, honour promises made during the consultation process, and mitigate disruptions that significantly impacted local communities. Inspired by HS2's valuable lessons, the Lower Thames Crossing project aspires to establish itself as an exemplary neighbour, taking into account the concerns and needs of the community throughout the construction phase.

At the heart of the Lower Thames Crossing project lie key priorities centred around promptly restoring temporary land to its original state and nurturing open lines of communication with residents. Recognising the importance of minimising disruptions and engaging proactively with the community, the project is committed to addressing concerns, providing regular updates on progress, and fostering a spirit of transparency and collaboration. Through its collaboration with HS2 Ltd, the project gains access to a wealth of insights and experiences, ensuring seamless integration among contractors, Highways England, and the entire supply chain. This collaborative approach cultivates a sense of shared responsibility, empowering all stakeholders to operate as a cohesive, fully integrated team that is unequivocally dedicated to being good neighbours and delivering the project with unwavering professionalism and utmost consideration.

Once the Lower Thames Crossing is complete, its transformative impact on the region's transportation infrastructure will be nothing short of remarkable. With the construction of two 4km tunnels spanning a total distance of 23km, the project will dramatically augment road capacity across the Thames east of London. This expansion not only promises to alleviate congestion and enhance transportation efficiency but also holds the potential to forge stronger connections to vital ports, distribution hubs, and manufacturing centres in the region. By unlocking new opportunities for economic growth and development, the project will bring lasting benefits to both the local communities directly impacted by it and the broader region as a whole.

The collaboration between the Lower Thames Crossing project and HS2 Ltd embodies a proactive and forward-thinking approach to construction practices and community relations. By assimilating the valuable lessons learned from HS2, the project is poised to navigate potential disputes with grace and finesse. Through effective communication strategies, responsible land utilisation, and seamless integration among all stakeholders, the project aims to become the epitome of considerate and responsible neighbours, paving the way for improved road capacity and enhanced regional connectivity that will foster sustainable growth and prosperity for years to come.

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