NHS eyes firms for £1.6bn modular building framework

Posted on 26 February 2021

The National Health Service (NHS) has taken a bold and forward-thinking step towards increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its building projects by launching a new modular building framework worth a staggering £1.6 billion. This ambitious initiative is set to span four years and will cover a wide range of permanent and temporary modular buildings and components, with the framework being split into seven lots, each focused on a specific type of modular product, including bespoke modular buildings, modular healthcare units, modular education units, and accommodation units.

One of the key elements of this new framework is the expectation that chosen suppliers will deliver the full product, from feasibility study and planning through to enabling works and installation, ensuring quality delivery and maximum value for money. With up to 30 firms expected to be appointed to the framework, it is poised to be a major driver of innovation and growth within the modular construction industry, offering a unique opportunity for suppliers to collaborate with the NHS and help revolutionize the construction industry.

Caledonian Modular

This new framework also aligns perfectly with the government's goals for the public sector to increase the proportion of offsite construction projects it procures. As outlined in the Construction Playbook published in December, the adoption of a manufacturing-led approach to public works projects and programs will enhance productivity and efficiency, making this new initiative by the NHS a significant step in the right direction.

The urgency to speed up the delivery of the 40 new hospitals pledged by the government has been a driving force behind this new framework. In October, the Department for Health and Social Care announced that it would seek offsite solutions to achieve this goal, and the launch of this new agreement is the second modular buildings framework set up by the NHS, following the first one launched in January 2017, which was valued at £750 million and included 21 suppliers such as Actavo, Caledonian Modular, Elliott Group, and Premier Modular, among others.

Suppliers who are interested in participating in the new framework were required to submit their requests to participate by 31 March 2021, showcasing the NHS's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the delivery of its building projects. This new modular building framework presents a unique opportunity for suppliers to work hand-in-hand with the NHS and be at the forefront of transforming the construction industry, facilitating the delivery of high-quality infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of the public sector.

With its bold vision, substantial investment, and strong alignment with government goals, the launch of this new modular building framework by the NHS is a significant development that is set to shape the future of construction in the UK. It reflects the NHS's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to deliver efficient and effective building projects, ultimately benefiting patients, healthcare providers, and the public sector as a whole. The potential impact of this initiative cannot be overstated, as it has the potential to revolutionize the way building projects are approached and executed in the healthcare sector and beyond, setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

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