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About Max

Max Nettleship is a highly skilled and experienced Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Rail industry. With a passion for connecting talented professionals with rewarding career opportunities, Max has become an integral part of the HSQ Recruitment team. Known for his exceptional interpersonal skills, industry knowledge, and dedication to client and candidate satisfaction, Max consistently delivers successful recruitment outcomes in the Rail sector.

Max has honed his expertise in the Rail industry, developing a deep understanding of its intricacies, regulations, and evolving trends. He has established strong relationships with key stakeholders, including major organisations, contractors, and government bodies, and maintains a comprehensive network of professionals across various specialisations within the Rail sector.

In his role as a Recruitment Consultant, Max is responsible for candidate sourcing and screening, utilising his extensive network and recruitment expertise to identify and engage with top-tier talent in the Rail industry. He builds strong and lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, collaborating closely with hiring managers and HR teams to understand their specific requirements and organisational culture. Max also stays up-to-date with market insights and industry trends, providing valuable advice and guidance to clients and candidates alike.

Max's track record includes placing highly skilled professionals in various roles within the Rail sector, such as project managers, engineers, safety officers, and operations specialists. Through his diligent efforts and expertise, Max consistently achieves successful recruitment outcomes, ensuring that candidates placed through his efforts contribute to the growth and success of client organisations.

With his passion, industry knowledge, extensive network, and commitment to client and candidate satisfaction, Max Nettleship is an invaluable asset to HSQ Recruitment and a trusted partner to clients and candidates in the Rail industry.

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