E3 Recruitment Launches HSQ Recruitment to Expand Presence in Rail and Infrastructure Sectors

Posted on 19 January 2021

E3 Recruitment, a prominent recruitment agency with a strong reputation in the rail and infrastructure sectors, recently established HSQ Recruitment as a new division through a rebranding initiative aimed at expanding their presence in these market sectors. The growth in national infrastructure projects in recent years has led to significant growth in these sectors.

Andrew Pilling, Managing Director of E3 Recruitment, stated, "I am thrilled to be launching HSQ Recruitment as part of our continued growth strategy," expressing his enthusiasm for the launch of HSQ Recruitment. This is an exciting time for the business. With the experienced team we have assembled, I am confident that we can provide the market with a top-tier recruitment solution founded on transparent expertise."

HSQ Recruitment positions itself as a recruitment agency with a dedicated focus on rail and infrastructure recruitment. The agency's comprehensive recruitment services include talent acquisition, onboarding, and ongoing support for both employers and candidates, with an emphasis on building long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved. The agency can meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in these industries.

HSQ Recruitment leverages E3's extensive network of industry contacts and the expertise of its seasoned recruiters to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. The division's consultants source the most qualified candidates for even the most challenging positions, helping to drive the success of both individual companies and the industry as a whole by leveraging their deep knowledge of the market.

E3 Recruitment is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of the rail and infrastructure sectors and deliver real value to clients and candidates alike with the launch of HSQ Recruitment, which represents an exciting new chapter in the company's ongoing growth and success. By combining its established reputation with a fresh approach to recruitment, the agency has positioned itself to thrive in these dynamic industries.

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